Congratulations to the 2015 Class of #KCSTI Graduates!

On July 14, 2015, students, family members, project staff and community leaders joined together for the annual closing ceremony to celebrate another successful year of the Kansas City Summer Transportation institute.

Cindy Terwilliger, Federal Transit Administration gave the opening remarks and served as the emcee for the event.

KCSTI was very honored to have Joe Reardon, CEO of the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA), as the guest speaker of the afternoon. Mr. Reardon shared stories about technology and transportation and encouraged the graduates to continue pursuing careers in their communities, because their young minds and new ideas are needed!

Donnetta Cole, Missouri Department of Transportation, presented the recognition of KCSTI partners. Gaylord Salisbury II, KCATA, shared the history of KCSTI with the attendees and compared the program to the Mississippi River, which starts out as a small stream in Montana and then joins together with many other tributaries, streams, and rivers to become a mighty force.

Then, the students joined with their groups and shared the presentations they’ve been working on throughout the camp about current issues and trends in transportation and technology. The students did a great job of putting the presentations together and sharing the information with the audience.

The presentation topics were:

  • Transportation to Jobs: an overview of the various ways people get to work in KC, issues related to transportation, and recommendations for improvement
  • Teens Distracted Driving: an overview of distracted driving, tools to help prevent it, and the impact of distracted driving
  • Drones and their Policies: an overview of drones and policies that regulate them, as well as pros and cons of using them
  • Pedestrian/Cycling Use and Safety: an overview of issues related to walking and biking and the pros and cons of improving safety
  • I-70: Expansion and Tolling: an overview of the pros and cons of the current proposed I-70 expansion and tolling
  • The Journey of iPhones and Avocados: discussion of transportation of consumer goods

Finally, the students were presented with graduation certificates and students that went above and beyond during the program were honored. Also honored was Chuck Byrd, from Jim’s Disposal Service, who has consistently donated funds for participant t-shirts, which the students wore proudly, over the past few years.

Derrick Willis, from the UMKC Institute for Human Development, provided words of encouragement for the future for the closing remarks.

When the ceremony concluded, youth, family and community members enjoyed refreshments and fellowship during the reception.


KCSTI would like to thank all of our amazing community partners for all of their support.  We could not make this opportunity possible each year for Kansas City youth without your generous contributions! 

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