#KCSTI 2015 Day 13: Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport

July 1, 2015: Students toured the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport. They got an inside look at the Air Traffic Control Tower with presenter Les Moore, Air Traffic Manager. Students learned about the operation of the control tower and its function. Did you know the downtown airport tower traffic provides on an average 250 airplane operations per day?

Next, the students toured the Trans World Airlines (TWA) Museum. They visited the exhibits and learned about the story, history and importance of the major role TWA played in pioneering commercial aviation. The students then got the opportunity to step into a flight simulator that tested their skills at making a takeoff and landing from Kansas City’s downtown airport.

After leaving the TWA museum, next stop was Signature Flight Support, a company housed at the Downtown Airport, that provides premium flight support services including fueling, hangar space, ground handling and aircraft maintenance.

Day 13 concluded at the Airline History Museum, where students discovered and learned all about the history of airplanes.

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