#KCSTI 2015 Day 7 & Day 8: #GARMIN and MO State Highway Patrol

June 23, 2015

KCSTI students traveled to Garmin, a global business, to explore the world of navigational tools. From flight simulators to sonar marine devices, the students learned the features of Garmin’s most successful gadgets. They also witnessed the construction of the fundamental basis of all computer products – circuit boards.

After lunch, the students were introduced to an exciting new project with UMKC Roo Builders. Students will design and construct a bridge made of balsa wood in order to later compete for the most efficient bridge. Efficiency is total load divided by bridge’s weight. The higher a bridge’s efficiency rating, the more successful. The students chose their truss designs and began sketches today.

They will continue to work periodically until the bridges are ready for the test at the end of camp. We can’t wait to see their progress!

June 24, 2015

On Day 8, KCSTI students continued to work on their final presentation with the assistance of our professional mentors. They had a visit from Highway Patrol Troop A, Sergeant Collin Stosberg who informed students on highway safety.  In addition, they also resumed working on our bridge project.  The students wished KCSTI participant Joey a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  Joey shared yummy cupcakes with everyone.


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