Parents Corner

Frequently Asked Questions about KCSTI


Who are the staff?
The Kansas City Summer Transportation Institute consists of six staff members: Project Director, Project Coordinator, one lead facilitator and three college age mentors. The staff are employees of the University of Missouri-Kansas City Institute for Human Development (IHD).

Staff Contact Information
Prior to the start of the institute, each student and parent/guardian will receive the Project Director and Project Coordinator’s contact information.  You can also view it at https://kcsti.com/contact/

Do we conduct background checks on staff?
Yes, the university requires each employee to undergo a background check.


Daily Activities

Where and when is Drop-off and Pickup?

Daily programs and activities will begin and end at the UMKC Campus. We will provide information regarding parking and drop-off/pick-up areas during the orientation meeting. The institute days are Monday-Friday.  Students should arrive between 8:30-8:45am; Pick-up is at 4:00pm.

Parents/guardians needing to pick up their child at any time during the day should notify the Project Coordinator ahead of time. If the Project Coordinator is not available please contact the Project Director.

Can I contact my child during the day?

Yes, but due to the intense curriculum (i.e., field trips, guest speakers and classroom projects and presentations), we prefer parents contact a staff member instead. We will inform the student of their parents call and asks that they reply back during lunch and breaks.  In the event of a true emergency, please contact program personnel using the information you will receive at the orientation meeting.


Field Trip Safety Rules

Are the field trips safe?

For the past seven years, First Student, Inc. has provided bus transportation for the institute.  The company provides bus services for many area school districts, and has an excellent safety record.

Before leaving campus, students are instructed on the field trip safety rules. For example, during the visit to GM Fairfax Assembly Plant, all attendees must watch a ten minute safety video prior to the tour as well as wear protective gear.

What are the program safety measures?

  • Our key staff has over 30 years of experience with youth development programs and 11 years with KCSTI.
  • Staff will attend a mandatory KCSTI staff orientation. During the orientation, staff will learn about safety protocols and how to respond to emergencies.
  • Attendance will be monitored daily. If a student is absent and we have not heard from a parent or guardian, we will contact them.
  • Before, during and after each field trip, a staff member will conduct a field trip head count.
  • Each staff member will monitor an assigned group throughout the Institute.
  • Students may not leave the program without the supervision of a staff member.
  • Following best practice, the Institute is fully insured for complete protection of each participant.


Release/Consent Form

What forms will we have to fill out?

Each student and a parent or guardian will be asks to completed the following forms prior to the institute. Please contact the Project Coordinator for assistance.

  • Letter of Confirmation
  • Regulations
  • Certificate of Health
  • Personal Items and Dress Code
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Photo Release/Video



What happens if my child becomes sick or is injured?

A staff member will access the injury or illness to determine if the student needs immediate assistance. If so, we will contact the parents or guardians as soon as possible for any health need requiring a visit to a medical provider or hospital.  All other special medical needs will be discussed during the interview and at the orientation session.


Dress Code for Daily Activities

What should my child wear?


  • Shorts/Pants/Skirts: Extremely short shorts or miniskirts are not allowed.
  • Shirts/T-shirts: All tops must cover entire torso; no crop tops or spaghetti-straps.
  • Shoes: Shoes: Comfortable walking shoes; no flip-flops or heels greater than one inch. (During KCSTI, there are many field trips and tours that require closed-toe shoes.)


  • Shorts/Pants: All shorts/pants must fit to the waistline with belts. Shorts/pants falling below the waistline are not allowed.
  • Shirts/T-shirts: All tops must cover entire torso; no crop tops or mesh tanks.
  • Shoes: Comfortable walking shoes. (During KCSTI, there are many field trips and tours that require closed-toe shoes.)



Are meals provided?

Students will receive the following meal/snack each day:

  • Light breakfast
  • Lunch on campus provided by Sodexo dining and catering
  • Light afternoon snack


Students Behavior Management Policy

What is your policy for discipline if students do not exhibit proper behavior during the Institute?

Kansas City Summer Transportation Institute uses a three-strike policy:

  • The first discipline problem will be addressed with an individual meeting with a staff member. An incident report will be recorded.  The Project Director will be notified.
  • A second discipline problem will be addressed with a meeting with the Project Director, a parent or guardian, and the participant.
  • The third discipline problem will result in an immediate dismissal from KCSTI program. A parent or guardian will be called to pick up the participant.  If no one is available to pick-up the participant, a designated staff member will transport the participant home and/or call the emergency contact person.