Student’s Corner

Here is what last year's students enjoyed about KCSTI!

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This was fun because of the great experience.


It’s extremely fun and interesting. I like how I learned a lot of things about career choices, different forms of transportation, and just knowing what I might like to do when I grow up.


I like the staff, other kids, and the many field trips.


The field trips were very fun and interesting and I love meeting new friends.


I liked the activities.


I liked that we always tried to work as a team.


I liked KCSTI because it got me engaged in things that I didn’t know that I liked. It taught me new and useful things and the whole time I was having fun while I learned.


I liked KCSTI because of the opportunities it offered me, such as having the chance to meet new friends.


I enjoyed KSTCI because I liked learning about different types of transportation.


I liked the different jobs that they showed us. It was a very good experience and I have a better understanding of what I want to do with my life now.


What I liked about KSCTI is how we got to go on field trips to different engineering and transportation buildings to learn more about them. I also like how we get to have the experience of hands on training


It’s a fun experience and I met a lot of new friends.


What I liked most about this program was I got to meet new friends, learn new things, and stay busy this summer.


I liked going on the streetcar field trip, because I got to see the building process of the streetcars. I also liked going to the gym.


My two favorite experiences at KCSTI were riding the bike simulator at the Metro and building the balsa wood bridges and seeing them brake.


I liked learning about the different types of engineering and what they do.